Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well, hello October!

I welcome this month with open arms! In an effort to strengthen my relationship with my dear hubby, I decided to give social media a bit of a break. That's not to say I didn't poke at Facebook here or there, but I let down the computer quite a bit. Instead, I spent the month watching TOO many episodes of Psych in our free time.

 This patient man is so deserving of more attention of me. My being gone 3-5 days a week is really taking a toll on our marriage. I feel like I am being a not-so-great wife, unable to cook or do his laundry those days, and being on my computer when I am home... So i figured a break and a look at my hierarchy of priorities was much needed...It's all about balance, right?

So I have worked out a plan to get school, husband, blog & family time prioritized... & I finally bought a new planner! Since I accidentally threw away my planner, I had gone on in chaos searching for the perfect one. Two weeks later, three Staples, two walmarts, three targets & many Amazon searches later- I found it! Staples. I know it's pretty lame, but my planners & organization are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

September was fair to me, lots of happenings:

- Hubby, sister, brother & I all got strep throat - no fun! :(

- LOTS of entertaining- 11 Marines staying over at my parents home (now that's a blog post all in itself!), many of the guys over for dinner, the Widdiss' over for dinner, Mikey's 22nd birthday party, In-laws visited our home for the first time. I just LOVE it!

- Had to say "See ya later" to my cousin who went back to Germany :(

- BUSY, BUSY, BUSY with school!

- Been babysitting my sister's naughty fur baby for the past few weeks.

- My dear grandmother got hit in a mall parking lit by a truck! It wasn't nearly as bad ad it could've been, and she's doing much better now. God was really watching over her, He is SOO wonderful!

- FOOTBALL! College, NFL &, most excitingly, my baby brothers Pop Warner team. I love this time of year!

So, September had it's ups & downs(too many downs for my liking) & I am quite happy it is over. I am looking forward to October, and the cooler weather, but November is reallly on my mind!

Hubby's 21st, Marine Corp Birthday Ball, Disneyland trip with all the couples and single Marines, our houseguest (friends ball date)- I am really excited to meet her, baby Elaina's tea party, Thanksgiving & holiday spirit!

Definitely looking forward to it!
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